VASSOPLAST is a company, based out of Italy that has worked since 1965 in thermoforming plastic trays for the food industry and other sectors. They thermoform many plastic materials such as OPS, POLYSTYRENE (colored or transparent) PET, ABS, PLA, and CO-EXTRUDED MATERIALS.

They follow the food industry, for cakes, ice-creams, deep-freeze goods, and pre-baked food; the cosmetic industry with personalized solutions for the customer; the car accessories industry, the house accessories industry with blister packs for the display of goods in hypermarkets.
They want to reinvent their brand with a new identity design, our task was to design their new logo and other collaterals such as visiting cards.
This project is done in collaboration with
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The client required us to make the logo timeless, modern, and minimalistic.

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