Set Design
This will be the first projection of Act 1., which will be displayed on the set structure. This is a major scene of Turandot's entry. Everything becomes brighter, the moon rises and people sing about her.
Following the first projection, the young Prince of Persia is being executed in this scene. Hence, the red moon depicts the blood and the harsh lines depict the intense mood of this scene.
The floating heads are the direct depiction of the princes who were previously executed while taking part in Turandot's riddles. In this scene, the 3 ministers warn the lead character Calef not to be a part of it as it would result in the same way.
The color purple depicts the emotion of suspense so in this particular scene, Turandot is asking the riddles to Calef. The background creates mystery and the emotion of anticipation.
Calaf, smitten by Turandot, sings "Nessun Dorma”, which talks about Turandaot’s beauty and how much he loves her. The scene takes place a few hours before sunrise, hence the colors are inspired by dawn.
A happily after where Turandot confesses her love for Calef.

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